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Monday, July 03, 2006

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snow in leeds!!

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Friday, December 30, 2005

Snowed again!

Kyle is so nice...he bought me a HUGE box of chocolates!

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

LOL...HSBC is alwez creating problems for me. I just received the fixed deposit bank statement today and I was DAMN SHOCKED to find that the fixed deposit is a one year deposit instead of 6 months!! HOW COULD THIS BE!! The person -in-charge that day asked me 2 or 3 times whether it is a 6 months fixed deposit. Why is it written one year on the fixed deposit. Worse still, the fixed deposit commencement date is 11th November instead of 28th October! Also it is written on the bank statement saying that my fixed deposit will end on the 13thNovember 2006.......LOL.......Which means that the person that day simply talk...I asked him and he said that it will start on the 28th and he said that I could get the money back before the date 2nd June. WHAT IS THIS!! I told the person so many times that it is a 6 months fixed deposit. AND ANOTHER THING..LOL...How come the tax is deducted from my interest???? That day the person said that I am a student, tax would not be deducted from my interest! HOW COME???? If there are other procedures like forms needing to fill to prevent tax from deducted from my interest..why didn't they tell me?? LOL...THIS IS SO SO....OUTRAGEOUS... How ler if it really was a mistake that I actually put down one year instead of 6 months(I doubt...I reminded the person so many times and he even nodded his head, said yes that he understood what I said)....HOW COULD THIS BE! LOL....I think the person whom I talked to that day was not experience and simply talk....How to trust

If I really managed to change back to 6 months fixed, I don't think I will still be able to pay my rent on the 2nd June in time anymore...too late...LOL....WHAT IS THIS...HSBC cheated me lo....AND what if I cannot change back to 6 months fixed, HOW?? LOL..I AM STUCK!

Opening fixed deposit also so ma fan much problems......

David told me that most probably if it is 6 months fixed, the interest for fixed is counted annually. So most probably the interest which is 4% is divided by 2, which makes 2%. My friend in Miri studying finance also said the same thing. So what should I do???? The people in HSBC no experience one(all young people)...cannot trust them anymore...simply talk somemore....

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Yea....sad...Linda, our CG member, is going back to Indonesia. She so nice leh...she gave me all the things she dun wan to bring back to Indonesia...but the things she dun want are branded and good stuff leh...She is going to give me a duvet. She already gave me most of her things which includes: a pillow, hairdryer, clothes (a winter coat which brand is GAP..actually she dun want to give me the coat..hehe..), pens, foolscap paper, christian books, pencil case, clock, table lamp, cosmetics(all the mosturizers and cream..), ginseng or whatever it's called, a rotary charger(quite ge si..I like to play with it even though it is not a toy), socks and bla bla bla...Quite a lot of things o...lazy to that's all...